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It's Cold out!

I do have winter stuff in my store and a few whips I have to finish to have more winter gear. I will be having more gators added to the site in a few days I am hoping, (FYI: I have a splinted finger right now due to injury.)

Projects that will be listed soon are: finish whips, more gators, support ribbons

In the next month or more 2 Crochet Sweaters also 1 Knitted.

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I am fighting the overwhelming projects on the hooks and then in the mind while juggling a whole house cause no one can do anything for themselves. I have 3 sweaters going and two curtains for my home

Update on Work

Work then completed in Oct & Nov are Ribbons, Gator’s, scarves also a sweater being made now. Thank you, for being patient with me and the work I make.


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