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 Crafts by Rare Hands

HPP Fighter and Care Giver. Working to educate and sell handmade goods.

HPP Patient handmade crochet and Knitted items. Some have inspired patterns and self-made patterns.

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 Custom Fiber Art 

Everyone loves a custom gift.

In the Inquire for Custom order, the estimate of the desired item will be created for you within 48 hours. 
The quote will be emailed to the provided email with in 48 hours; you will have 48 hours to accept or reject. 
When Quote Expires, the price quote will no longer be accepted.

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The Story of Crafts by Rare Hands

Handmade is the best way.

Hello, welcome to Crafts by Rare Hands. A passion for hand-made crafts by knitting and crocheting. A skill I picked up in my teen years during my recovery from injury. In making crafts over the years, I have made items for friends and families, then to my son's school for a Christmas buzzer. 

In making these Items, people said, "You could sell them and make some extra money" This was not my first plan. I planned to get a BA in accounting and a career with family. Yet life changed, as did my dreams; I have an AA in accounting yet was pulled from the workforce due to a rare disorder. So, to keep me busy and productive, I am making items to sell and starting to make a business. So this is my first big step. 

A rare disorder is called Hypophosphatasia, or HPP for short. At the age of 32, I found some of the answers to my childhood illness. I found out through my one ½-year-old son, who saw a dentist for a toothache. The St. Joseph's dentist recognized the HPP before examining my son's teeth. And this started the journey for my family.  

HPP is a silent disorder in most patients suffering from the condition, and some might not even have symptoms until adulthood. The symptoms vary from patient to patient and depend on the mutation of the genes also. 

Speaking on my and my son's conditions:  

I (Heather) have Skeleton failure, which is degeneration in the disc, bone spurs throughout the spine, narrowing and space of the spine due to one gene mutation, and suffering from seizures. The future is leading to wheelchairs. 

My son (DJ) cannot play any sports due to getting a break or fracture. He also has seizures, skeleton pain, and recent back pain setting in. The other hardship for my son is that no Special Needs or Special Olympics groups do not want anything to do with my son. So this affects his mental health a lot. 

Browsing is always welcome; chat is open from 9 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday. The items listed here are ready-made crochet or knit; I accept requests for different colors or patterns (Please check the Inquire for Custom Fiber Art).

Work is being done to have items for continuous stock. Thank you for your Patients.

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