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 Crafts by Rare Hands

'Discover the beauty and intricacy of Crafts by Rare Hands, where each creation is a masterpiece crafted with passion and skill.'

'Despite the challenges of Hypophosphatasia, these rare hands create crafts that are truly one-of-a-kind.'

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Knitting and crocheting, two popular needlework crafts, have been around for centuries. However, it wasn't until my teen years that I discovered the art of knitting and crocheting, and it was all because of my surgery. Little did I know that this new skill would bring me so much joy and become a significant part of my life.

At the age of 14, I underwent a minor surgery that required me to spend several weeks in bed for recovery. As an active and outgoing teenager, I found it challenging to stay still and not be able to participate in my usual activities. I was feeling bored and restless, and that's when my mother suggested I try knitting or crocheting to pass the time.

At first, I was skeptical. I had no prior experience with needlework, and I didn't think it would interest me. However, I was willing to give it a try, and my dad taught me the basics of knitting and crocheting. He had learned these skills from his mother and was excited to pass them down to me.

As I started working on my first project, a simple scarf, I was surprised by how quickly I picked up the techniques. With each stitch, I found myself becoming more focused and relaxed. The repetitive motion of knitting and crocheting had a therapeutic effect on me, and I could feel my worries and anxieties slowly melting away.

As I progressed in my recovery, I also advanced in my knitting and crocheting skills. I learned new stitches and patterns, and before I knew it, I was creating beautiful and intricate pieces. It was a sense of accomplishment and pride that I had never experienced before.

Not only did knitting and crocheting help me cope with my recovery, but it also opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. I found myself constantly thinking of new designs and projects to work on. I would spend hours browsing through patterns and yarns, looking for inspiration. It was a wonderful way to channel my energy and keep my mind occupied.

Over the years, knitting and crocheting have become more than just a hobby for me. It's a form of self-expression, a way to de-stress, and a means to connect with others. Whenever I pick up my needles and yarn, I am transported to a peaceful and meditative state, and all my worries disappear.

Many years after my surgery, knitting and crocheting are still an essential part of my life. I have created countless scarves, gators, Wraps, and blankets, each holding a special place in my heart.
In a world where we are constantly bombarded with technology and fast-paced living, the art of knitting and crocheting provides a much-needed break. It encourages us to slow down, be mindful, and create something beautiful with our own two hands. I am grateful to have discovered this skill during a difficult time in my life, as it has brought me so much joy and fulfillment.

I want to express a sincere Thank you to My Dad for passing this skill!

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